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Lamec snc di Brini Alvaro e C. - Hydraulic cylinders and components

Hydraulic cylinder - single and double effect - with or without hydraulic system;
Track adjuster: spring, hydraulic, spring hydraulic, elastomer;
Rotary joints;
Rotary pipes;
Hydraulic components.





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Lamec Unlimited is renowned for the excellent quality of its products and prides itself in the complete service it provides clients. Already upon reception, all primary materials are subject to rigorous surface treatment and hardness tests. Automated processing procedures guarantee efficient production and minimize the risk of human error. The entire production process is subject to rigorous control plans in order to optimize output and reduce product costs.

CN lathes with automatic loader

Material continues to be accurately monitored during mechanical processing. Size checks are performed by highly trained staff equipped with SIT certified calibration instruments and test benches fitted with coordinate systems, with a maximum field of 1600x1000x600h. Welding is performed by UNI EN 287-1: 2004 qualified operators and meticulously checked with ultrasound equipment.
Products are then subjected to stress tests on benches that exert up to 1500 bar of pressure.

Hydraulic cylinders test bench up to 1500 bar

The exclusive use of SIT certified calibration instruments is a natural choice for a company dedicated to producing high quality products, and guarantees the accurate processing of all components. Such a considerable investment is fundamental where even a thousandth of a millimeter can make all the difference.

SIT certified calibration instruments lie at the heart of precision and high quality production. Instrument performance is tested in company laboratories on national and international components.

SIT calibration is accredited by the Italian Law as well as in European countries belonging to the EA (European cooperation for Accreditation).

Lamec Unlimited is dedicated to the processing of quality guaranteed products and satisfying the needs of its clients.

CMM measuring equipment - Exagon Metrology

Dimensional control on sub components

Dimensional control on surface treatment

Non destructive control an welding - Gilardoni testing equipment

Quality inspection on welding

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